Our Vision Statement:

“The vision of the Durham School of Piano Technology is to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of the piano servicing business by providing a high quality, convenient, reduced risk, and affordable training opportunity via distance education, enabling graduates to pursue self-employment in a career that is both intellectually stimulating and financially rewarding.”

Our Mission Statements:
  1. We provide affordable, quality, accessible and convenient distance education in Piano Technology and ethical business practice as an alternative to traditional face to face programs offered in Canada, the United States and other locations world wide.
  2. We use the most appropriate Learning Management System and E-learning software technologies to deliver course material content over the internet and to keep it current.
  3. We use proven distance education course delivery methods and adult learning theory to maximize transfer of knowledge to our students.
  4. We offer entrepreneurial skills training, specific to the piano tuning and repair business.
  5. We endeavour to measure and evaluate the quality of the program to ensure satisfaction of our students and instructors.
Our Values Statement:

The values of the DSPT will be to teach leadership, confidence, excellence and integrity in each student. The complex knowledge required to service a piano will be taught, and will be supported by contributions and participation of the members of the piano technology community. Ethical business instruction will foster honest, wise and respectful practice and behaviour for future generations of piano technicians.

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